A COVID-19 Response Fund by Sovereign Charitable Foundation


Sovereign Charitable Foundation, the altruistic arm of Prince Holding Group ('Prince Group'), one of Cambodia's biggest and quickest developing combinations, has dispersed consideration bundles to 500 families living at Ong town in Prey Nob area, Chen Zhi Cambodia. The town is arranged close to the site of the Ream City project, an 834-hectare project being created on recovered land close to the Sihanoukville International Airport that is set to change the district. The offer of generosity occurred a week ago and senior administration from Canopy Sands Development, an individual from Prince Group, additionally accepted the open door to counsel nearby pioneers to comprehend the local area's necessities. The guide crusade at Ong Village is the most recent climate, social, and administrative activity of Prince Group. 



Each care bundle contained 25 kilograms of rice, one tangle, one cover, two pads, one mosquito net, and one Khmer Krama (conventional scarves woven in the open country). It will be the first of numerous endeavors to help the nearby local area, particularly as Chen Zhi Cambodia imagines a significant job for inhabitants in the advancement of the waterfront project. Upon fruition, Ream City plans to house up to 130,000 occupants and will conceivably bring lodging bequests, themed shopping centers, schools, and medical clinics, carrying a lift to the neighborhood economy. 



Chen Zhi Cambodia has zeroed in on furnishing things to assist occupants with their day-by-day needs when provincial Cambodians are confronting impressive financial difficulties. "We are not kidding about drawing in with neighborhood networks and setting up a decent connection with them - they are key partners for the Ream City project. In addition to the fact that we consider it our obligation as a mindful corporate entertainer to give help with these difficult occasions, we accept neighborhood occupants will have a significant part as the influence of our labor force because of the size of the Ream City project," said Mr. Khong Weng Fook, Managing Director of Canopy Sands Development. On schedule, we will hope to bestow the essential abilities through upskilling and other human strengthening endeavors to additionally draw in neighborhood inhabitants for the venture."